Our Standards

Nicolas Baric’s farm in Hebron, NY

Our partner farmers raise animals outside on pastures that are herbicide and pesticide-free, right here in New England and New York, and never administer antibiotics or hormones.

BEEF // Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished (no corn, soy, or grain, ever) and humanely handled without the use of electric prods. We also dry age our beef a minimum of 7-14 days.

CHICKEN // Our chickens are truly pasture-raised outdoors. They are exclusively air chilled, which results in the best flavor and no added water!

PORK // Our heritage cross breed pigs live outdoors on pasture during the growing season rather than on concrete, they don’t get nose rings, and they have never seen a farrowing crate or cage of any kind.

LAMB // Our lambs are also pasture-raised outdoors and have never eaten corn or corn bi-products.

FISH // Our fish is caught locally by small day-boat fishermen right here in the Northeast!

All of our suppliers sign this affidavit for beef, this affidavit for lamb, 
this affidavit for pork, this affidavit for poultry and this affidvait for eggs.